Redemption Paperback

Redemption Paperback

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From NYT bestselling author Meghan March comes the next installment in the saga of iconic anti-hero Lachlan Mount, the ruthless king of New Orleans' criminal underworld. You thought his story was finished in the Mount Trilogy and the Magnolia Duet, but there's so much more. Prepare for another epic Meghan March experience with RedemptionThe Boogeyman is back.

About Redemption 

My daughter was kidnapped.
My sanctuary violated.
My best friend murdered.
My empire is crumbling before my very eyes.
There’s no retirement plan for the boogeyman.
I never cared about that before.
Now that I have a family, everything is different.
I can never put my daughter at risk again.
I don’t want this life for her.
But I can’t undo the things that I’ve done.
I can’t bring back the lives I’ve taken.
Everyone knows Lachlan Mount doesn’t deserve a second chance.
But maybe—just maybe—a man like me can still find redemption.

* * *

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