A Creative Rebel's Guide to Writing Amazing Fiction

A Creative Rebel's Guide to Writing Amazing Fiction

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A digital copy of A Creative Rebel's Guide to Writing Amazing Fiction. It is the second book in the Creative Rebel Guide's collection.

Creative Flow has blessed me with 39 novels that have collectively sold over five million copies, in 16 languages, in under 8 years, earning me over $10 million and over 50 spots on The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and foreign bestselling lists.

All of my dreams came true because I learned to write amazing fiction.

I wrote this book for the old me. The girl who had big dreams, but no real idea how to write the books she’d need to make those big dreams come true. I wanted to make it easier for her to get to where I am now by sharing what I learned along the way. I wanted her to be able to leap over the pitfalls where I stumbled, avoid the challenges that held me back, and glide past the emotional despair, mental anguish, and burnout I faced. 

I wrote this book because my readers said that no one else writes books like me, and I thought… well, I bet I can teach some people how and humanity could benefit from better books being written.

Ultimately though, I wrote this book because it was fun, and I enjoyed writing it immensely.

I hope you love it and that it helps you on your creative journey. I hope all of your dreams come true because you learn to write amazing fiction. Don’t ever underestimate where it can take you.